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Do you still think marketing is just the colouring-in department?
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Marketing That Makes Money

Our business consultancy services help you to understand the opportunities and pathways that marketing can unlock in your business.


Create Opportunities

Discover why and how marketing can help your organisation to scale and how it can help your business to become more valuable over time.

Solve Challenges

Find and overcome the blockers to your success to unleash the power of your marketing function and turn aspiration into action.

Take Our Unique Approach

The unique 4D approach is a solution that is built for you to ensure that any marketing services provided are bespoke and fit for your goals, in order to support your growth. 


The 4D Approach

A four-step process that helps you to discover why and how marketing can help your organisation to scale and become more valuable over time.


The Marmalade Marketing team runs a comprehensive diagnostic workshop with you to gain clarity on the predominant challenges and opportunities for your business in order to explore the pathways toward success.

We aim to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation of your organisation - to truly recognise your objectives, the technology and resources at your disposal and your marketing history.

We will take time to consider what is and isn't working with your current brand strategy and, how through collaboration, we can address this together.



At this stage, it's important that we clearly define the most pressing challenges, opportunities and objectives that you want to address with marketing.

This ensures that as we guide you through the business consultancy process, our approach stays seamlessly aligned with your expectations.

You will receive a detailed report, exploring a fresh brand strategy best suited to tackle your biggest challenges along with our expertly recommended marketing roadmap to success.



This bespoke strategic and tactical solution is designed with one core objective: to help your business to scale through marketing.

This could be implementing a slick social media strategy and creating a new content roadmap to implementing new technology for automation and lead generation - plus all that lies in between.

Now that we have defined your new what, when and how we will create a strategic marketing plan, in line with the findings and insights from your Diagnostic report.

You will receive monthly consultancy from our team of marketing experts, to ensure that our tactical delivery aligns with your clearly defined business objectives every step of the way.



This is where the rubber meets the road and all of the planning and preparation come into action.

It's time to execute your brand-new strategic marketing plan. 

Whether you prefer to steer the ship yourself or, if you find yourself short on internal resources and require support for your in-house function, we are ready to help.

You can count on us to implement and deliver the designed solution, be it on a project basis or retained partnership.

Brighter Consultancy chose to partner with Marmalade Marketing on the 4D Diagnostic process as it was an extension of work already done on our website. It was also a clear approach that we could understand to help us get to a position of knowing our business better, our ideal customer demographic pathing the way to a comprehensive marketing approach. We found it exciting to meet with the team, and to see their genuine enthusiasm to understand our business and help us grow. The outcomes were very well presented and set out logically, and I would actively encourage other companies to follow the Diagnostic process with Marmalade Marketing.
Graham Bailey
COO, Brighter Consultancy

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