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If your car starts making a strange noise - you’d get it checked out, right? Well, your marketing department deserves the same attention - and not just post-problem. It’s always wise to know the current state of play and to see what is and isn’t working before you make your next move.

These days, staying relevant isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. Is your website performing to the best of its ability? Is your social media content getting stale? Does your branding no longer represent who you are?

That’s exactly what our Digital Health Check Service is for. Think of it as a thorough check-up on your digital presence. Then the choice is yours, partner with us and we'll handle it for you or implement actions in-house. 

You can choose between three audits; Social Media, Branding and design and Website Performance and UX. 

Don’t know which one or need a combination? Don’t worry. Together, we can figure out what best suits your needs.

Option 1

Branding & Design Audit

How long has your branding looked the way it does? Were Oasis still together when you last chose your colour palette? It’s recommended that a business should revisit its brand identity every 3-5 years so we think it’s about time, don’t you?

The Branding and Design Health Check is an opportunity to look in the marketing mirror. Our team will analyse every aspect of your visual identity, from your typography to your logo, from your colour scheme to your imagery.

We aim to show you things through the eyes of your audience, highlight your strengths and also suggest what needs refining. You may then decide to partner with us, making full use of our branding and design services. With our help, you could reimagine your branding, ensuring that it not only resonates with a more modern audience but truly captures who you are.

DHC Icons - Branding & Design Audit

Option 2

Social Media Audit

Social Media is one of the fastest moving areas in the marketing world. You need to monitor trends, keep up with platform updates, and understand the algorithms and that’s before you’ve written, designed and scheduled any posts.

We get it, there’s a lot going on! 

Are you lost in the content chaos, unsure of what to share next? Or, perhaps you have plenty of content but you’re lacking a strategy? This is the option for you. 

The team will conduct a thorough audit of your social media channels, highlighting opportunities for growth and identifying areas for improvement. We will even do a spot of spying on your competitors to see what can be done to level the playing field.

DHC Icons- Social Media Audit

Option 3

Website Performance & UX Analysis

We’re all guilty of procrastinating on things we would rather avoid. Websites and on-page SEO strategies often fall into the ‘I’ll do it later’ category too. Fear not, you can share the load with Marmalade Marketing.

During the Website and UX Health Check, our team will review your website functionality, from its user-friendliness to the distribution of conversion points - and we will give you a heads-up on the technical solutions needed to get everything back on track. We’ll also give your SEO strategy the once-over and pinpoint exactly where you’re missing a trick or two.

You might then want to resolve these issues in-house or you can stick with us to get your digital strategy up to scratch, the choice is yours.

DHC Icons - Website Performance & UX Analysis

Pricing Information

Each Digital Health Check costs £1,250 and can be split into two equal payments upon agreement of the scope and delivery of the report. For a rundown of what you'll receive, we've plotted your journey on the chart below.


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Discovery Meeting

This is an opportunity to gather any key information, understand your goals and align expectations. We want your health check to meet your needs and be as useful as possible.

Discovery Meeting

50% Payment

At this point, once the scope of work has been confirmed and agreed, we will send an invoice for the first payment.

Work Begins

Our team of experts will dedicate 10 hours to your chosen health check.

Work Begins

Present Findings & Deliver Report

We'll share our findings and strategic recommendations, packaged up and presented in a comprehensive report which you can either take away or implement with Marmalade - the choice is yours!


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