Nina Lawman

2 min read

How To Conduct a Social Media Audit – A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media is a great place to chat with friends and chuckle at memes of dogs riding skateboards. But it's also a very powerful business tool.

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Image of the Talk of Manchester Award

1 min read

Marmalade Attends The Talk of Manchester Awards 2023

December was a busy month for Marmalade. The highlight, however, was receiving a rather flashy new title. Cue drumroll… We are proud to announce that...

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Jo stood with the Fearless Adventures team

Marmalade Attends The Fearless Adventures

Our Managing Director, Jo Perrotta, spoke at Fearless Adventures "Fearless Founders End of Year Celebration" in Manchester last week alongside two...

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Marmalade Attends The Global Recruiter Awards 2023

The Marmalade Marketing team had a fantastic time attending The Global Recruiter Industry Awards 2023. It was wonderful to get together with some of...

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Man sat looking at phone

3 min read

Measuring Social Selling Success

In our previous blog, we discussed the trust economy, having a digital-first mindset, and what social selling might look like to your recruitment...

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