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Man sat looking at computure screen

3 min read

Embracing AI in Recruitment Marketing: Training ChatGPT with Your Brand’s Voice

Ask anyone and they’ll agree: 2023 was the year of Generative AI. We know it’s been around for a while but for most people, this year was when it...

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Man sat at desk looking at tablet.

3 min read

6 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn For Your Recruitment Brand

Recruiters have utilised LinkedIn as a tool since it was officially launched way back in 2003. Nowadays, the platform is so much more than a place...

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Three people sat looking at laptop

4 min read

Feed Your Business Back to Life - The Importance of a 'Healthy' Brand

‘This is your captain speaking, prepare for landing’ - a short sentence which usually packs a positive punch. It’s no secret that the majority of us...

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