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Three C's of Recruitment Marketing: Part Three

Three C's of Recruitment Marketing: Part Three

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Three C's of Recruitment Marketing: Part Three

Welcome back to our final blog in the series on the Three Cs of successful recruitment marketing. Having explored how to effectively connect with clients and candidates, we now turn our attention to the third C: Colleagues. In the fiercely competitive recruitment industry, attracting and retaining top talent within your own organisation is as crucial as external recruitment.

It's No Secret That the Competition for Talent is Fierce in Recruitment

So, establishing a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) should be a priority. And it's more than just the perks or the pay; your EVP should paint a picture of life within your organisation that resonates with potential future colleagues.

Crafting Your EVP: The Marmalade Way

An EVP that truly reflects your organization's ethos, culture, and aspirations will be the one thing that's sure to bring people to your business. So, where to begin? Understand what makes your company unique, why people love working with you, and what future employees can genuinely expect.

  • Survey the Current Landscape: Engage your current employees in discussions and surveys. What attracted them? What keeps them motivated?
  • Define Your Unique Offers: Identify the aspects of your culture, career development opportunities, work-life balance, and community involvement that stand out.
  • Communicate Value: Summarise these elements into a compelling EVP statement. This should encapsulate your company's tangible benefits as well as emotional and professional growth prospects.

Reaching Out to Potential Colleagues

Attracting potential new employees is just like matchmaking, ensuring your message finds those who will fit well within your organisation. Here are some ideas to get you started with your outreach to potential colleagues:

  • Content That Connects: Beyond the traditional job posting, share stories that highlight your culture, your people, and the impact of your work. Use a variety of formats – blogs, videos, employee testimonials – to show what it's like to work at your organisation.
  • Social Media: LinkedIn is not just for job posts! Use your page to showcase your company's ethos, recent successes, and community involvement.
  • Engage in Conversations: Encourage your current employees to become brand ambassadors on social platforms. Their genuine stories and insights can be incredibly persuasive.

The MROI of B2Colleague Marketing

Success in B2Colleague marketing isn't just about the number of applications received - you should also be looking at measuring the alignment of these candidates with your core values and their potential to grow with your company. Key metrics to consider include:

  • Quality of Hires: Assess new hires' long-term contribution and cultural fit.
  • Retention Rates: Monitor the staying power of employees attracted through EVP strategies.
  • Employee Engagement Scores: High engagement is a testament to the effectiveness of your EVP in attracting the right candidates.
  • Brand Advocacy: Measure the extent to which your employees would recommend your company as a great place to work.

It’s Time to Put Theory into Practice

Now that we've covered the Three Cs of recruitment marketing - Business to Client, Candidate, and Colleague - it's time to plan your first marketing sprint. But don't worry, we can help with that too.

Marmalade Marketing 90-day Sprints

We break down our marketing outputs into 90-day sprints to plan, optimise, and execute strategies effectively while ensuring room to tweak your approach along the way. Our sprints are your roadmap to continuous improvement and sustained marketing success, allowing you to: 

  • Set clear objectives
  • Measure results
  • Tweak your approach
  • Go again

Think of it as agile, responsive marketing that is always moving forward.

Need Help with Your Marketing Strategy?

Whether you're feeling overwhelmed, are looking for some direction in planning, or are ready to dive in headfirst, Marmalade Marketing is here for you.
30mins Free Consultancy: We're offering 30 minutes of free consultancy to help you start your journey. And if you're all about DIY, our templates can kickstart your next 90-day sprint. Either way, we'd love to chat.
To start your journey towards marketing success, get in touch today.

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